How eBooks Can Help Your Business

Sarah Writes Stories: Three Ways an eBook Can Help Your BusinessIf you’re looking to take your business marketing to the next level, one of the very best things you can do is write an eBook.  Here are three great reasons to do so.

1) eBooks Position You as an Expert

If you’re in business for yourself, then there’s a very good chance you consider yourself an expert at what you do — and you should! Writing an eBook (or working with a ghostwriter to write one) is a fantastic way to position yourself as such.  Having an eBook tells potential customers and partners that you’re serious about what you do and that you have a passion for it beyond the ordinary.  And when your eBook is good (and it had better be!), it delivers on the promise that you’re the expert you say you are.

2) eBooks Provide an Easy Incentive

If you want customers to sign up for a newsletter or even invest in a new product or service, offering the incentive of a free eBook can be a great way to get people to make the leap when they’re on the fence.  For this to work, you’ll want to pick a topic and align it well with the target market for your new product/service/newsletter.

3) eBooks Create Passive Income

One of the nicest things about eBooks is that they continue to earn money long after the hard work of writing, editing and publishing is done.  If you do your due diligence up front by creating a helpful, polished and targeted eBook, you’ve got a good shot at a long shelf-life as long as it’s promoted and available to your customers and partners.

Get Started on your eBook ASAP

The sooner you get moving on your eBook, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of expertise, incentive and income.  If you’re in need of a ghostwriter, a copy editor or someone to format your eBook for Kindle, Nook or direct-sale PDF, I’d love to talk to you about how we can work together to create an eBook that does wonders for your business.



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