Link Round-up: Groundhog Day Edition

The Brave One by Elizabeth Ditty

I don’t know about you, but Groundhog Day gets me excited every year — not because of poor Punxsutawney Phil being pulled from his nice, warm hole in the ground, but because it gets me thinking about spring!  I love winter for November and December, but as soon as Dec. 26 hits, I’m ready for sunny & 70 again.  I can’t promise summer weather is just around the corner, but I can deliver this link round-up — Groundhog Day Edition!

Lesson of the Week

Do you suffer from the winter blues?  Whether you have full-on seasonal affective disorder or a simple case of the winter blahs, these eight ways to beat the winter blues are sure to help.

Product of the Week

Did you know that having indoor plants can better your health? From improving air quality to reducing fatigue and stress, adding a plant to your work space can make a big difference in how you feel during the day.

Recipe of the Week

It’s not only plants that can boost your mood — it’s what you eat, too!  Check out this list of 25 meals to boost your mood from Greatist.

Thought-Provoker of the Week

If winter has left you feeling stagnant and uncertain about what happens next, these words of encouragement from Danielle LaPorte might help you take heart.

Laugh of the Week

You can’t have a post about Groundhog Day without talking about the brilliant film of the same name.


Remember, no matter what good ol’ Phil tells us tomorrow, remember spring starts March 20 — right around the corner!


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