Friday Link Round-Up: Valentine’s Day Edition

Let Your Heart Guide You by Elizabeth Ditty

I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day, whether I’ve been paired or not. To me, it’s about the celebration of love in all its forms. However, I know some people beg to differ about the worth of the holiday, and the strong opinions on the subject just fascinate me.  I’d love to hear how you all feel about Valentine’s Day, too.  But first, this week’s Valentine’s-themed Link Round-Up!

Lesson of the Week

Seth Godin relates why a company’s story is integral to selling a product — using a chocolate company as a case study.

Bonus: If you missed it last week, I told you How to Show Your Clients the Love.

Product of the Week

Speaking of showing people the love, it’s a great idea to keep a box of thank-you notes on hand — and to make use of them often. I’m always so touched when I receive a thank-you note from someone, and I want to make it a point to genuinely thank people more often myself.

Recipe of the Week

Lady & the Tramp Spaghetti KissSometimes a fancy meal out can really hit the spot, but if you’re loathe to deal with the crowds and hefty bills that come with a Valentine’s meal out, why not celebrate by cooking together at home?  Single?  Cook something fancy with friends, or team up & cook a meal for a favorite overworked couple you know & love.

Bonus: 30 Chocolate Recipes from Martha Stewart.

Thought-Provoker of the Week

Back in 2011, I did an informal interview of folks on facebook and twitter & used their responses along with my own personal Valentine’s history to shape a reflection on Valentine’s Day — plus a few tips to redefine the holiday for yourself if its traditional meaning isn’t your cup of tea.

Laugh of the Week

The same year I wrote my reflection, my sister and I decided to trade people roses for their Valentine’s Day stories — on camera.  The responses were varied and enlightening — some funny, others poignant.  See for yourself below.

That’s it this week. How do you all feel about Valentine’s Day? Love it? Loathe it? Celebrate it or not? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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