Three Ways to Fail at Social Media

3 Ways to Fail at Social Media @ SarahWritesStoriesThere’s a lot of pressure these days for businesses to get up to speed with social media, and there are absolutely a lot of good reasons to do so.  But where there are ways to succeed at social media networks like twitter and facebook, there are also plenty of ways to fail.

How NOT to Succeed at Social Media

There are plenty of places out there that will tell you how to succeed at social media, but here are three ways to fail big. Steer clear of these tactics if you want your customers and business associates to appreciate your social media efforts.

#1: Make Accounts & Ignore Them

One of the worst sins of social media is to completely ignore your accounts.  Don’t go months without an update.  That’s a sure way to show people you’re not serious about using social media — or about interacting with potential customers.

#2: Only Post Duplicate Content

Confession: This is a social media sin to which I fall prey pretty often on my own accounts.  We’re all busy, and it’s easy enough to set up automatic posting from your blog or facebook or twitter so you only have to update one thing.  But what’s the point of someone following your twitter and blog and facebook page if it’s all the same content?  Luckily, this isn’t a particularly offensive sin, but we can do better.  Duplicate content is to be expected, but try to save some original content for each separate account so people have incentive to follow each one.

#3: Don’t Interact with Followers

What’s the worst social media sin of all? Not interacting with your followers.  If someone replies to a tweet or leaves a comment on your facebook page or your blog, you absolutely must respond.  Ignoring a comment is a surefire way to create not only one unsatisfied customer but to show a culture of failing to appreciate and interact with others.  Imagine visiting a store’s counter and asking a question only to have the employee manning it stare blankly back at you.  You wouldn’t stick around long, would you?  Nor would you likely return any time soon. Treat your customers with the same respect on social media as you would in person.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Just like there’s no shame in hiring a professional blogger to help channel your story and voice into a relevant, informative blog, hiring a social media manager can be a great way to ensure you’re getting the information you want posted to the channels you want in the way you want.  If you need help setting up and/or managing a facebook or twitter account, I’d love to chat with you to see how we can work together to create a social media success story for you and your business.



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