Friday Link Round-Up: Patience Edition

Patient Gargoyle, by Elizabeth Ditty

As of writing this, I’m still waiting on this kiddo to show up. I’m not exactly a patient person to begin with, but having to deal with the anticipation of actually holding and interacting with my kiddo in person (instead of in belly) and the desperate desire to have my body back to myself is really putting me to the test.  And so, for this week’s round-up, I’m going to grudgingly focus on patience.

Lesson of the Week

If patience is important in waiting for a kiddo to arrive, it’s going to become invaluable once I’m a parent.  Zenhabits has 10 tips to become a patient parent that seem workable.

Thought Provoker of the Week

When it comes to business, is patience still a virtue in this day & age of Instagram & Pinterest? FastCompany thinks so.

Recipe of the Week

A couple years back, during a rough time in my life, I spent the morning making this “weapons-grade” ratatouille on the recommendation of my friend Jon (and subsequently wrote this about the ratatouille-making experience).  Does it require patience? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Product of the Week

Back during the ratatouille phase, I was struggling with where I was in life versus where I wanted to be.  The book “You Are Here” by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh really helped me learn to recenter myself by getting back to acknowledging and appreciating the present moment.  It’s a great read with very practical advice no matter what your spiritual inclinations.

Laugh of the Week

I may be 30, with child & happily attached, but I’m not going to miss an opportunity to include both Zac Efron and Elmo. Come on.


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