Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter @ SarahWritesStoriesThese days, blogging, twitter and facebook are all the rage when it comes to helping people find and interact with your business.  But there’s one more tool in your social marketing toolbox you might be forgetting — the newsletter.

Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Newsletter

While email can seem a little old school in these days of instant interaction on the likes of twitter and facebook, it still serves a great purpose for you and your customers.

Newsletters Create Added Value for Valued Customers

A newsletter positions you as an expert in your industry in a similar way to your blog.  The difference is a newsletter can offer exclusive content to folks who want it — and it’s a great way to give a little something extra to your valued customers.  A newsletter is the truest form of permission-based marketing — if you offer something that people actually request to read, you’re on the right track.

Newsletters Let Customers Share How Great You Are

Newsletters are unique when it comes to sharing.  A retweet or a share on facebook goes out to a person’s entire network of friends, but a newsletter is more easily forwarded specifically to friends and family who might benefit from what your company has to offer.  This is targeted marketing done for you!  And the bonus is it comes from a vetted, impartial source of information.

Newsletters Trigger Repeat Business

While a solid blog, website and other social media are fantastic for helping people find your business, a newsletter does a wonderful job of creating repeat business.  Social media helps people find you, but a newsletter reminds your customers to come back.  Newsletters are especially great for service-based businesses because they act as periodic reminders for folks to take advantage of your services.

Newsletters at Sarah Writes Stories

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of a newsletter, I can helpI’d love to work with you to create an informative newsletter that creates loyal, repeat customers and helps them share how great your business is with their friends and family.


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