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Link Round-Up: I Think My Baby is a Werewolf Edition

You may have noticed the blog’s been dark for a couple of weeks.  I could hem & haw and give you excuses, but hey, isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?

Pip vs. Owl

Sure, he looks all sweet & innocent there, but once dark comes, he transforms into a squealing, non-sleeping, gum-gnashing little monster. I think we’ve actually turned the corner on the 4-month sleep regression, but during July’s full moon, when Pip was squealing at 2 or 3 a.m. (after having been up at midnight, 1 a.m. and again at 5 a.m.), I was pretty convinced he was actually a baby werewolf with alopecia.

So, if the blog is ever dark when it shouldn’t be, you can blame that guy up there most likely.  The thing is, my priorities go like this:

  1. Health, safety & well-being of Pip, T, myself, & our menagerie of animals.
  2. Freelance clients.
  3. Regular updates to this here blog.

That leaves out a LOT of other priorities, but you get the picture.  So, even though you should update your blog regularly and consistently, sometimes life is going to prevent that — and that’s OK.  And that goes for most facets of your business.  Sometimes an order gets messed up, or a customer service experience is less than stellar.  The important thing to do is to own up (or blame a baby who may or may not be a werewolf) and do what you can to make it right.  (Here are some tips on what to do when you mess up.)

So, in the spirit of honesty, please bear with me as I learn to work in proper updates here along with balancing my need for sleep with my werewolf-baby’s need to squeal and/or eat.

And now, on to the links!

Have a great week, everyone!


Friday Link Round-Up: Patience Edition

Patient Gargoyle, by Elizabeth Ditty

As of writing this, I’m still waiting on this kiddo to show up. I’m not exactly a patient person to begin with, but having to deal with the anticipation of actually holding and interacting with my kiddo in person (instead of in belly) and the desperate desire to have my body back to myself is really putting me to the test.  And so, for this week’s round-up, I’m going to grudgingly focus on patience.

Lesson of the Week

If patience is important in waiting for a kiddo to arrive, it’s going to become invaluable once I’m a parent.  Zenhabits has 10 tips to become a patient parent that seem workable.

Thought Provoker of the Week

When it comes to business, is patience still a virtue in this day & age of Instagram & Pinterest? FastCompany thinks so.

Recipe of the Week

A couple years back, during a rough time in my life, I spent the morning making this “weapons-grade” ratatouille on the recommendation of my friend Jon (and subsequently wrote this about the ratatouille-making experience).  Does it require patience? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Product of the Week

Back during the ratatouille phase, I was struggling with where I was in life versus where I wanted to be.  The book “You Are Here” by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh really helped me learn to recenter myself by getting back to acknowledging and appreciating the present moment.  It’s a great read with very practical advice no matter what your spiritual inclinations.

Laugh of the Week

I may be 30, with child & happily attached, but I’m not going to miss an opportunity to include both Zac Efron and Elmo. Come on.

Friday Link Round-Up: Sleep Edition

Snow Day Schmo by Elizabeth Ditty

As a new parent-to-be, people like to tell you how little sleep you’re going to get for basically the next 18+ years of your life.  Which is a super nice thing to do to an expectant parent, by the way.  Which is to say it’s a really horrible thing, and people should stop doing it. Let’s all make a pact, OK?  No more scaring parents-to-be with tales of no sleep. Deal? And on that note, let’s talk about sleep!

Lesson of the Week

Given how important sleep is, it’s a wonder parents survive their children’s infancy at all, if you believe the horror stories.

Thought Provoker of the Week

Granted, some people claim they can get by on very little sleep — and these folks seem to be doing pretty well with less shuteye.

Recipe of the Week

If you do care about sleep, though, these sleep-enhancing recipes might help you have a better shot at getting some when you have the chance.

Product of the Week

I bought a memory foam mattress a couple of years ago and absolutely love it.  It sits on a platform instead of a box spring, so it’s a nice, clean look in addition to a great night’s sleep.  My kiddo-co-creator likes a softer sleep, though, so we got one of these plush toppers, and it does the trick for him without bothering me one bit.

Laugh of the Week

Regardless of whether a kid is a good sleeper or not, I’m sure there are nights when this applies for just about everyone.  (WARNING: Contains a certain word. Repeatedly.)

Friday Link Round-Up: Life Balance Edition

Golden Buddha, by Elizabeth Ditty

By the time this goes live, it’s entirely possible I could have a baby in my arms instead of in my belly — and if not now, then soon!  So, as you can imagine, I’m looking for any and all advice on how to maintain a good life balance between a day job, freelance work, family and creative pursuits.  So this week’s links are all about finding some semblance of balance.

Lesson of the Week

One of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, has done two life balance series where she interviewed a variety of women to find out how they manage it all.

Thought Provoker of the Week

Despite all the advantages women have today, Anne-Marie Slaughter argues why women still can’t have it all — and what needs to change for real equal opportunity to exist.

Recipe of the Week

I’ve talked about freezer cooking before, and I recently made a freezer version of Shutterbean’s Curried Chicken & Coconut Rice for easy meals while I’m on maternity leave (and beyond).  I’ve also heard awesome things about her Freezer Burritos, so those may go on my to-make list soon, too.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Product of the Week

What is a better representation of work-life balance than sitting on a balance ball while you work?  I’ve wanted one of these Balance Ball Chairs for a long time, and this may finally be the year I treat myself to one.

Laugh of the Week

Why I’ll probably keep the chair at home instead of at my office job.

How do you all maintain work-life balance?